Joaquim Egea
Date of Construction
June 2005
Free-standing aluminium telescopic enclosure with a geometry consisting of a polygonal roof combined with two vertical side walls.
17.00 m minimum interior width × 32.15 m length × 2.60 m min. interior height × 6.30 m max. outside height.
Enclosure divided into 6 retractable modules.
Telescopic in one direction, from the smallest to the largest module including one moving façade and one movable tympanum.
s=0,06 m/s for the movement of the telescopic cover
s=0,04 m/s for the automatic movement of the motorized swinging facade.
Linear for the movement of the enclosure and circular for the movement of the swinging façade.
ON THE MOBILE ROOF and BOTH TYMPANUMS, multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, 16 mm thick, opaline white olour.
ON THE SIDE WALLS and SWINGING FACADE, double glass units=> laminated safety glass 3+3/16/3+3 mm colourless and transparent.
Horizontal rack integrated in the track design for the movement of the telescopic cover.
Curved rack for the movement of the motorized swinging facade.
Anti-wind system
Mechanical blocking plus wind-arrestors.
Power supply
Assisted.Only for the telescopic enclosure transmission.
Double emergency door integrated onto the swinging façade.
Single door installed on the side wall of the second mobile module.