Luis Mariano Pérez Carmona
Date of Construction
December 2006
Lean-to telescopic aluminium enclosure with a geometry consisting of a polygonal roof combined with vertical side walls.
20.04 m minimum interior width × 49.830 m length × 2.24 m minium inside height × 7.07 m overall building height × 3.36 m wall support height.
Enclosure divided into 8 modules, 6 of which are movable and the other 2 are fixed.
Central towards both ends.
s=0.08 m/s for the movement of the telescopic cover.
ON THE ROOF and BOTH FIXED TYMPANUMS, multi-wall polycarbonate sheets,16 mm thick, opaline white colour.
ON THE SIDE WALLS and SLIDING PANELS, double glass units=> laminated safety glass 3+3/16/3+3 mm colourless and transparent.
Horizontal rack for the movement of the telescopic cover.
Anti-wind system
Mechanical blocking plus wind-arrestors.
Power supply
Assisted.Only for the telescopic enclosure transmission
Top level, track integrated onto a large structural gutter built in hot-dip galvanized steel.
The lower part of both facades are closed with aluminium sliding panels supported by a structural gate made in hot-dip galvanised steel and anchorated to the resistant ground.
The emergency door has two usable sides and it is integrated into the sliding panel units.