Maikel Casado
Date of construction
December 2017
Lean-to telescopic enclosure with a geometry consisting of a lowered arch roof combined with vertical side walls with supports at different level.
15.20 m width × 45.10 m length × 6.00 m overall building height.
Enclosure divided into 4 retractable central portions plus 2 fixed end portions.
Central towards both ends.
0.08 m/s
Uniform, with shock-absorbers in the contact between telescopic cover portions.
ON THE ROOF and TYMPANUM: cellular polycarbonate sheets, 32 mm thick, opaline white.
ON THE VERTICAL SIDES: Longitudinally, the enclosure walls are glazed with fixed carpentries attached to each mobile roof module. They are glazed with double insulated LOW-E glass: Outer pane laminated safety glass 3 + 3 mm colourless transparent / spacer 16 mm argon / inner pane laminated safety glass 3 + 3 mm colourless transparent.
In a façade, the enclosure is closed with white lacquered aluminum sliding carpentries, glazed with double insulated LOW-E glass with the same characteristics as that one used in the longitudinal side walls.
Rack integrated in the track design.
Anti-wind system
Mechanical blocking plus wind-arrestors.