C.T.U.-Telescopic Enclosures

Some of the UNIVERSAL ADVANTAGES that can be obtained by installing a telescopic enclosure are the following:
  • MAPERGLAS exclusive sections, extruded duralumin, with a design avoiding sharp edges, thus ensuring a higher index of passive safety against involuntary impacts.
  • Mobility without effort thanks to the design and interior composition of the wheels.
  • Manual movement without rails or guides, obstacle free, directly on the ground-level paving.
  • Guaranteed airproofing in 97% in the exchange surface, thanks to the use of exclusively designed MAPERGLAS EPDM rubber strips (no felt or brush).
  • Sides with 100% vision, without horizontal sections interrupting the views.
  • Tilt and slide façade, allowing moving above obstacles 0.95 m. in height during the opening-losing of the roofing.
  • Tilt and slide façade, with ventilation position, avoiding gusts of wind on the inside of the precinct.
  • Ventilation position between modules (maximum effectiveness for the excess temperature in the inside of the roofing) Ideal for autumn and spring.
For a better understanding of the product and the previously mentioned ADVANTAGES, we recommend reading the chapter making up our Single-family Telescopic C.T.U. Enclosures: