Commercial Projects. Bespoke Retractable Buildings.

There are a host of outdoor facilities where we can install our Smartroofs®. As examples, we are listing below some outdoor facilities feasible to be transformed into duals:

- Swimming Pools
- Tennis courts
- Restaurants
- Shopping centres
- Observatories

- Gymnasiums
- Engine shelters
- Bullfighting arenas
- Football Stadiums
- Etc, etc...

For increasing the returns on these outdoor investments, MaperGlas suggests transforming them into duals, that is, incorporating all the advantages of an indoor installation and all the advantages of an outdoor one. This dual MaperGlas advantage  is obtained by just one single configuration and besides in a matter of minutes.

By installing any of our personalized retractable enclosures you are assured of immediate short term economical returns.  The designs and solutions MaperGlas can offer you too are manyfold. As examples, we are listing below our smartroofs® designs that we have received most enquiries from our clients.

For determining the amount the owner has to invest, it will be necessary to clear the factors such as:   

- Constructive design
- Geographical setting of the project (country | city)

- Activity and dimensions of the area to be covered

Starting from these parameters, MaperGlas aim will be in obtaining an optimum balance between the possible cost, technical solution, quality and design so that your project can go ahead.

Doubtless, from now on, this investment will allow you to make the best use of your dual space for 365 days of the year and just in minutes.

Retractable tennis facility

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