Joaquín Sainz de Vicuña
Date of construction:
July 2007
Free-standing telescopic enclosure with a lowered arch cover geometry plus vertical side walls.
The facility is completed at the lower part of the smallest façade with a perimeter closure consisting of detachable aluminium panels.
32.79 m maximum width × 60.00 m length × 8.80 m overall building height from FFL.
Enclosure divided into 5 modules, 4 of which are movable plus 1 is fixed.
Telescopic in one direction, from the smallest to the largest module with a movable tympanum attached to its mobile cover module.
0.11 m/s
Variable, with deceleration on contact between retractable roof modules.
ON THE VAULT, metal polyurethane sandwich panel, 35 mm thick, and replated for the inner face with acoustic panel 25 mm thick.
ON THE TYMPANUMS, multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, 25 mm thick, opal white colour.
ON THE SIDE WALLS and DETACHABLE ALUMINIUM FRONT PANELS, double glass units=> laminated safety glass:4+4/12/3+3 mm, colourless and transparent.
Horizontal rack integrated in the track design.